Registration ended 29 of February.

Requirements for abstracts are as follows:

  • Russian or English language;
  • Title must not exceed 10 words;
  • A one-page text should not contain more than 2500 characters with spaces, i.e. to cover one page in the A4 format;
  • Title, authors, and institute should be typed on separate lines in the upper part of the page below title;
  • Microsoft Word (in formats *.doc or *.rtf) and Times New Roman font, 12 pt, one-line spacing, and a paragraph indention of 1.25 cm should be used;
  • No underlining, bold font or italics is allowed.


For entering Russia you need a visa. For preparing an official invitation please complete the visa form and with s can copy of the first page of your passport send us 2 month before your arrival.

Hotel in St. Petersburg is booking in your own.